中型货架 medium-duty rack
Thickened frosted black shelf light and medium storage rack clothing warehouse room metal hardware shelf household shelf
Introduction to medium shelf

   the medium-sized shelf has beautiful appearance, wide application range, convenient installation and disassembly, 75mm pitch adjustment, and the bearing capacity is 100 ~ 350 tons; Non standard large span, large bearing capacity, 75mm pitch adjustment, novel appearance, bearing capacity of 300 ~ 1000 tons. Medium sized shelves are solid and have large bearing capacity. They are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprise warehouses and public institutions. It is generally divided into medium quantity A-type shelf, medium quantity B-type shelf and medium quantity C-type shelf. The lamination height can be adjusted; The bearing layer bears 200-800kg; All metal parts on the shelf are subject to anti rust treatment and electrostatic spraying on the appearance; Medium sized shelves are suitable for storing goods in large, medium and small warehouses.

Characteristics of medium-sized shelves

   1. Fully assembled structure, arbitrary combination, convenient and flexible installation and disassembly.

   2. The column is a fabricated structure, and the cross beam and column are connected by steel buckle snap in type, and locked with a key to prevent falling off.

  3、. Optimize the section of shelf materials and select a variety of pipes to improve the bearing capacity.

   4. The column is equipped with adjusting hole spacing every 60mm, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the height of the goods.

   5. The connection between adjacent columns in the back direction can be strengthened by spacer brace. The bottom of the column and the ground can be used with ground nails to improve the durability and reliability.

   6. The medium-sized shelf has unique shape, reasonable structure, convenient loading and unloading, no screws, firmness and large bearing capacity